About Abundance of Hope Initiative

Abundance of Hope Initiative as a non-governmental organization established to support food security, green life and healthy society through consultation and engagement with indigenous and international partners / stakeholders. We work together with women, farmers and young people to find a sustainable solution that addresses common societal challenges in a manner that guarantees growth, development and self sufficiency of target populations and society at large in Line with Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 15

We reempower the youth, women, and children with abundance and help them manifest self food supply with basic skills that promote quality food supply with efficient value chain system all round the year. With abundance of hope you access the innate tendency of nature and of life to manifest, grow, and become more sufficient with food security supporting programs and promoting climate change ecology. Our training skills: endowment program give youths, women and children tendency of life force to produce more food chain and create more of everything. We help farmers produce new trees, new plants and more fruits. This is made possible with food forest design with new green house farming being built, and new jobs are created. With AoH the Universe will always expand positively and growing, and even new stars are being created. People often associate abundance with money. Wealth, and having a lot of money is abundance, but abundance manifests in many other ways, not only as plenty of money and possessions we bank on the guaranteed means which is food security


Advocate Sustainable Agriculture and the need to Consider the Effect of Climate Crisis. Champagne on the issue of Afforestation and Deforestation Educate Famers on the Health Implication of Conventional Fertilizer and the Damages on the Soil. etc.


Its a general Agronomy Training For All Farmers

General Over view of Organic Farming.

Market Opportunity for their Product.

Post Havest Management.

Soil Preservation teaching.

New Innovation in Agriculture System


It's A seminar to train Youths that will be willing to go into Agriculture production. All will be discussed and they will see the roles they are to play in the Value Chain.

Cardinal Points of Food Security






We are teaching Women a young Ladies of Various Skill Eg. How to make Fruit Soap, How to Extract Coconut Oil, Carrots Making of Hand Sanitizer. Hair Cream Vasline etc. Bag marking, and Fashion from Natural of Waste Materials Food marking both Local and Countinetal Dishes


Is a home Economic Program for Women on how to have a garden in their home were they can plan Vegitables. Chicken.Catfish and Snail for both home Fed ding and making business from thier Home for Women in the Rural Area Animals Like goat can be added.

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